Goals completed --> 38/101

Sunday, January 18, 2009

101 Goals

1. Get to goal weight
2. Get to 25% body fat
3. Run a 5K- running the entire time
4. Run a 10 minute mile
5. Sell/donate all clothes that fit pre-surgery
6. Sell/donate all extra things in the garage/house
7. Organize garage such that 2 cars could fit
8. Read 3 non-fiction books NOT related to parenting or money (1/3)
  • Freakonomics (LOVED it!!!  A great book... I might not agree with some of the conclusions they made... but it made me see the world differently.  I love a book that helps me think more critically)
9. Read the newspaper every Sunday for 6 months
10. Have a baby (bio or adopted)
11. Get a new job
12. Become a Zumba instructor
13. Finish 2007 family album
14. Finish 2008 family album
15. Finish 2009 family album
16. Put project 365's in an album
17. Teach Deacon our address and phone number
18. Plant my anniversary flowers
19. Make a list of 101 things that make me happy.
20. Pay off Damien's student loan
21. Paint spare bedroom
22. Fix paint in bedroom
23. Fix paint in bathrooms
24. Take a cake decorating class
25. Learn photoshop
26. Master sewing machine
27. Ride a rollercoaster
28. Don't eat out for one month straight
29. Find a family church
30. Take Deacon to Disney
31. Go to Sea World
32. Try 101 new recipes (89/101)
33. Sew Christmas gifts one year
34. Make special dates calendar
35. Take a photography class
36. Get a CA drivers license
37. Go to storytime at the library
38. Sign Deacon up for a dance class
- Pee-Wee Hip Hop
39. Do a new aerobics class
40. Sign Deacon up for t-ball or soccer (signed him up for soccer!)
41. Play Bunko
42. Donate to a Children's hospital
43. Make a recipe book
44. Organize old baby clothes
45. Take a yoga class
46. Learn the alphabet in sign language
47. Organize closets
48. Go hiking
49. Buy something from Victoria's Secret
50. Spend an entire 8 hours working at work
51. Spend an entire Saturday or Sunday w/no internet
52. Organize master bathroom drawers and cupboards
53. Go to a club and sing karaoke
54. Sell diapers that we no longer used... create a more manageable stash
55. Make Christmas ornaments like my mom
56. Volunteer
57.  Make it to one year with pumping  -- NOT complete.  Need to either replace or take a loss.
58. Try pilates
59. Establish cleaning schedule
60. Stick to said schedule for one month straight
61. Make 72 hour emergency kit for whole family
62. Make emergency kit for the car
63. Do something romantic
64. Go on a picnic
65. Go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium
66. Create new budget and follow it strictly in 2010
67. Grow an herb garden
68. Organize all photos
69. Create a list of at least 50 kid-friendly creative projects
70. In the span of these 1001 days complete at least 10 of these projects and blog about them on our family blog.
71. Do something creative everyday for 30 days
72. Make list of 25 books I should read
73. Read 10 of those books (8/10)
74. Learn to use external flash
75. Buy weeks worth of produce from Davis Farmers Market
76. Learn how to use specific modes on the camera
77. Create and implement gardening plan for the summer
78. Buy a pair of Apple Bottom jeans (or other designer jeans)
79. Organize toys
80. Get Obama sticker for the Focus
81. Get an Obama Mama t-shirt
82. Do something unexpected w/hair
83. Send birthday cards to all friends and family for one year
84. Dress up for Halloween
85. Go grocery shopping w/canvas bags for one month
86. Try 5 things I think I hate (5/5)
- Sweet Pickles
- Skyline Chili
- Thai Iced Tea
- Tofu
- Sauerkraut
87.  Help parents convert pictures into digital format
88. Organize kitchen- keep it that way for at least one month straight
89. Learn how to change a tire
90. Go to 10 new non-chain restaurants (10/10)
91. Take Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University Classes
92. Get house looking nice enough to have a party- and not worry the whole time about how small the house is
93. Eat lunch outside everyday at work for a week
94. Get rid of my A parking permit
95. Get everyone's # in my cell phone
96. Make an attraction box and vision board
97. Create daily/weekly task sheet to help with forgetfulness and keep to keep myself motivated and on track with goals.  Use it for a month!  
98. Ride Amtrak
99. Establish early bedtime routine and stick to it for 2 weeks
100. Spend 1 month severely limiting carb intake. 
101. Complete Love Dare

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