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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Goal not complete...

One goal I had made for myself was a bit too lofty... and I know this.  I had originally planned on breastfeeding Zac as long as he wanted.  He chose to no longer breastfeed right around the 4 month mark... but I kept pumping for him so he could have breastmilk in the bottle.  I had a goal of doing this until the 6 month mark.  6 months came and went... I felt like I needed to keep going.  Right around the 9 month mark I decided I wanted to try for a year... but a part of me felt like this was asking a LOT of my body -- both physically and mentally.  Well, that little part of me was correct... and instead of dwelling and getting upset that I didn't obtain the "one-year" goal, I will focus on the fact that I *DID* make it over 10 months.

So I'm giving up on this goal... willingly.  I'm proud of myself-- though I would be lying if I said I wasn't sad about the situation.  But despite the feelings of sadness, I'm still very confident in my decision.

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Lisa Brown said...

Yeah - I was planning on bf-ing Phoenix for at least 2 years, but stopped just after 1 year. But, anything is better than nothing. Oh, and I've put on 10lbs since then - I've completely under-estimated how many calories bf-ing burns!